Collaborative Learning

The USF FYC program emphasizes collaborative teaching and learning. Through the practice of conferencing on a regular basis with students and teaching in workshop model classrooms, our instructors work to meet each student's needs and help them build their writing skills.

Student Success

USF's FYC program is devoted to student success both in and out of the classroom. Rhetoric in Action Day allows students to take their work outside of the classroom to an audience of peers and the Bullitzer Prize acknowledges top students from the program.


Through the use of technology, such as My Reviewers, students can create projects, receive feedback, and provide feedback to their peers through peer review functions. 1101 and 1102 courses seek to engage students with technology and its various modes of communication.

Peer Review

The USF FYC program emphasizes the writing process through peer review and revision. Writing is an inherently social process and the use of peer reviews in and out of the classroom allows students to share ideas and invest in the success of their peers.