Project 3: Literature Review


Project 3 is a synthesis of public and academic research perspectives. Students will analyze a variety of academic and public sources and develop an understanding of how different sources approach their sub-topic. For this project, students will compare academic research and public stakeholder arguments for credibility, validity, and response to other sources. At the end of this project, students will compose a 1200-1400 word literature review that discusses the larger conversation around their sub-topic. 

Project Assignment Components

Students will write a 1200-1400 word literature review that discusses both academic and public writing sources in relation to a larger conversation. To do this, students will organize their literature review through an extended outline that considers the validity, reliability, and credibility of their sources as well as the author’s modes of argument. Literature Reviews will be given feedback by the course instructor and the students’ peers, and students will compose a revision plan and revise in response to instructor and peer feedback.