Project 2: Analyzing a Stakeholder’s Platform

Terms You Should Know

  • Website Analysis: an in-depth study of a stakeholder’s website that identifies, interprets, explains, and evaluates the website’s elements and techniques which are intended to move a target audience toward the stakeholder’s purpose and goal.
  • Stakeholder’s Purpose: to inform, persuade, entertain, call to action, or a combination of intended purposes.
  • Stakeholder’s Goals: a stakeholder’s interests, mission, and/or message.
  • Website Elements and Techniques: website identities that work with the stakeholder’s intended purpose and goal such as media (images, videos, infographics, photographs, graphics, etc.), text, color, organization of content and pages, links and supporting evidence, etc.


Project 2 invites you to extend your interest in your research topic by selecting and analyzing a stakeholder’s website.

A website presence is a powerful landscape for stakeholders to communicate their purpose and goal. More specifically, stakeholders use website elements and techniques to move their intended audience toward their desired purpose and goal. Analyzing a stakeholder’s website is an active process in identifying the choices a stakeholder makes in moving their intended audience toward their desired purpose and goal; and in interpreting, explaining, and evaluating how well website elements and techniques accomplish their objectives.

Project Assignment Components

Project 2 has five parts that progress the analysis of a stakeholder’s website:

  1. A preliminary response by analyzing a stakeholder’s website in your early draft.
  2. Interpreting, explaining, and evaluating by writing an intermediate draft of your analysis.
  3. Enhancing your peer review skills by responding to your peers’ intermediate drafts.
  4. Mapping your revision plan by making your analysis stronger.
  5. Finalizing your analysis of a stakeholder’s website.

Each project component will target specific learning outcomes, describe the assignment, and identify the assignment weight and assessment criteria. Each project component will be introduced and supported by in-class activities and homework assignments. Project 2 is worth 25% of your final grade.