Project 2: Reviewing Stakeholder Platforms


Project 2 is an analysis of a stakeholder’s website. Students will build on the research and critical thinking skills developed in Project 1 by analyzing a website created by a stakeholder involved in the students’ chosen topic area. Their analysis will be guided by prompting questions that ask them to look at the website’s purpose, intended audience, and delivery methods for information.

At the end of the project, students will respond with a 1200-1400 word essay based on the responses to these questions.

Project Assignment Components

Students will respond to a series of questions to start their analysis, and incorporate these responses into a longer essay. In this essay, students will demonstrate how various stakeholders make arguments through examination of how different genres share information. Essays will be reviewed by the course instructor and the students’ peers, and students will compose a revision plan and revise in response to instructor and peer feedback.