ENC 1102

ENC 1102 introduces students to rhetorical conventions and provides them with an opportunity to analyze, research, and compose arguments.  ENC 1102 is designed to improve students’ academic writing, research, information literacy, and critical thinking abilities by focusing on the ways writers negotiate various contexts and affect positive change via argument, negotiation, and reasoning.

To help students gain agency as academic authors, the major projects in 1102 asks students to analyze arguments from a rhetorical perspective (Pre-Project), draw conclusions about cultural perspectives and assumptions (Project 1), develop arguments that negotiate differences (Project 2), and use writing to effect change (Project 3). Below is a summary of major course activities:

  • conference at least twice with their instructor on a one-on-one basis;
  • compose three major writing projects;
  • receive feedback multiple times from instructors on each project using My Reviewers. Please note that instructor feedback is intended to encourage revision and is instructive but not exhaustive;
  • and receive and give feedback to their peers using My Reviewers.