New FYC Team for Summer 2016

The FYC program is happy to introduce the new members of our team for the Summer of 2016.  Find out all about our recent additions below!

Peter Cannon

Mentor Coordinator


Team outlook: “I am privileged to work with a group of exciting, dynamic, and interesting people.”

Peter Cannon’s work at USF all started with his childhood love of books. In the days of his youth, Peter worked at a library that instilled in him a trailblazing passion for books which later led him to the USF School of Information’s gates. During his time at the USFSI, Peter dedicated his time to researching the correlation between books and the treatment of distinct mental health issues, which resulted in the establishment of a women’s therapeutic library here in Tampa. He applied to the USF Rhetoric and Composition program to continue his studies in this unique area of research and now focuses on the public rhetoric of addiction, treatment, and bibliotherapy.

Alongside his research here at USF, Peter wears the hat of mentor coordinator for the FYC team. Being a mentor coordinator means successfully organizing and completing a multitude of projects, all aimed at strengthening the FYC curriculum, while simultaneously maintaining an environment of energetic innovation for the entire team. This can be a daunting position for some, but Peter excels in this endeavor. He continuously yields outstanding improvements to the FYC curriculum with the help of his appreciative team of mentors; they feed off his inspiring leadership qualities as he flourishes from their creative adaptations to the curriculum.



Nancy E. Lewis

Online Community Designer

Nancy has over 30 years of teaching experience under her belt. In 2010, the USF English Department added her to the FYC team, and she is now a valuable asset to both its online community and the entire team as a whole. Her FYC summer goal is to revamp the ENC 1101 and 1102 classes’ online templates to improve their intuitiveness for instructors and students alike.

Team outlook: “I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside the face-to-face mentors.”




Alysia Sawchyn

Graduate Assistant

Working hard on simultaneous projects is not a foreign concept to Alysia. It was the option to use her talents for both creative writing and FYC that brought her to USF. Presently, Alysia uses her unique abilities to help unify the FYC curriculum while concurrently working towards her MFA in creative nonfiction.

Fun fact: “I think my blood might be 1% caffeine.”

DSC09626Allyson Hoffman

Graduate Assistant

The dynamic creative writing faculty is what encouraged Allyson to pursue her MFA at USF, but once here, the FYC team’s dedication to student success stole her heart, too. Her current project is remodeling the textbooks for ENC 1101 and 1102, which is tedious work, but the lively spirit of the FYC team keeps her job entertaining.

Fact fact: “Until I moved to Florida last fall (2015), I’d never lived outside of Michigan.”

DSC09678Kimber Wiggs

Graduate Assistant

As an instructor and a student, it is not difficult to see Kimber’s passion for education. She is working toward a PhD in Literature and co-working with Allyson to improve the ENC 1101 and 1102 textbooks. She is thankful that the FYC team is full of charismatic individuals who collectively keep her FYC summer experience entertaining.

Fun fact: “I got my master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.”

DSC09799Andrew de Carion

Graduate Assistant

In addition to seeking a master’s in English Literature, Andrew dedicates his time at USF to making the FYC curriculum more engaging for its students. He thrives from the creative depth of the FYC summer team’s idea pool and believes that the cohesiveness of the team maximizes its efficiency.

Fun fact: “I am quite the interesting person!”

DSC09787Lynette Kuliyeva

Graduate Assistant

Lynette is a driven instructor and student. While pursuing a PhD in Early Modern and 18th Century British Literature, she also works with other members of the FYC summer team to better its curriculum. She looks forward to seeing how future instructors will use her work as a springboard for their own creative teaching purposes.

Fun fact: “I am unbeatable at Ms. Pac-Man!”

1454257530_Screen-Shot-2016-01-31-at-11.23.47-AMJoshua Rea

Graduate Assistant/Website Manager

Josh is a diligent worker within the FYC mentor community, but makes sure to leave room for fun. He is a skillful web developer with a sense of humor that keeps his fellow mentors smiling. Josh’s jocular spirit boosts him through the ordeals of earning a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition.

Fun fact: “The entire left side of my body is slightly larger than the right side…”



Natalie Kass

Graduate Assistant and Entrepreneurial Lead for My Reviewers

Natalie is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition.
She loves having the opportunity to travel and attend conferences to promote My Reviewers. She looks forward to showing everyone all the latest updates to My Reviewers.

 Fun fact: “I love sci-fi books and films, especially Kurt Vonnegut and Christopher Nolan.”

White Square

DSC09645Brooke Downey

Technical Writer

Brooke recently graduated from USF with her bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology. She is now working her first post-graduation job as a technical writer for the My Reviewers team. She is working hard to improve the ENC textbooks for the fall.

                                      Fun fact: “I collect old copies of the Wizard of Oz series from the 1900’s.”

Katie (1 of 1)

Katie Walkup

Graduate Assistant

Katie is a diligent and hardworking graduate student and a
full-time employee for the
My Reviewers team.
She is currently researching the
My Reviewers in-text and peer-review comments
to propose new directions for evaluation and curriculum development.
She enjoys reading, writing, and daydreaming.

Fun fact: “My current guilty pleasure is Georgette Heyer’s entire bibliography.”

White Square

graduation 2015 017 (1) Elizabeth Loyer

Graduate Assistant

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic graduate student working towards her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition.She is a technical writer for the My Reviewers team, and is looking forward to making and editing videos for the website in addition to helping improve the resources available to students and instructors.

Fun haiku:

“When I was younger,
I used to sit upside down
in red chairs to read.”

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Rachel Payne

Technical Writer Intern

Rachel is earning a dual-degree in English (with her concentration in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology) and Physics. Her time with the FYC Summer Team is serving her well by stretching her abilities in writing, web design, and professionalism. After graduation, she intends to go to law school and complete a joint-degree in Law (JD) and Energy and Natural Resources (MA) with hopes of becoming a patent attorney within the clean energy field.

Summer goal: “I intend to have my writing skills sharpened and acquire website-technical notches in my professional belt.”




Craig Lashley

Technical Writer Intern

Craig is a U.S. Navy veteran working toward a bachelor’s in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology. He hopes that interning with the FYC summer team will strengthen the writing skills that he acquired from his time at USF. In the near future, Craig aspires to earn a master’s degree in Cyber Intelligence from USF and perhaps try his hand at freelance writing.

                   Summer goal: “I am excited to see collaborative writing in action and gain new writing skills.


Team outlook: “With the help of many new talented members, I strongly believe our team can produce the highest quality work this semester.” -Dat Le
Rajeev Reddy
Dat Le
Dat Le




This team has a work ethic that is unparalleled, and the fruits of their labor surpass expectation every time. “I seek perfection in the work that I do,” explained IT Team member and graduate assistant Shruthi Raja, “Working in summer helps me concentrate and keeps me more focused on my work.” These powerhouses take much pride in their work, but their seriousness does not overtake their lives; many on the tech team enjoy doing fun activities, such as soccer and ultimate frisbee. Overall, this team has a great balance of quality work and active fun.

Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen
Steven Buck
Steven Buck

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erint (3)Dr. Erin Trauth

Associate Director of Composition

Dr. Trauth has a sea of responsibilities as associate director: she guides graduate assistants and adjunct instructors of FYC, observes classes, monitors instructor feedback, handles student grievances and plagiarism cases, and helps develop program texts and technologies, just to name a few of her various tasks. Though her work is plentiful, the excitement she gets from working with such a cooperative group of energetic FYC team members enables her to do her job with a smile.

             Summer goal: “We have a phenomenal summer team. I hope the team learns a lot about program administration and enjoys the process along the way!”

Dr. Joseph Moxleymoxley

Director of Composition

Dr. Moxley has high expectations for the graduate assistants of the FYC program. He calls for graduate students to use their past experiences, assessments, and research to help facilitate undergraduate student success all while bringing new energy and ideas to the FYC program. He believes that this current team is “on the right path,” but also hopes that future graduate assistants will have research goals that align with the goals of the program.

Summer goal: “Literacy standards and our population of students are changing. We are becoming more international and need to address those changes.”