Academic Grievance Policy

As stated in 1101 and 1102 syllabi:

The English Department, like other departments at USF, follows USF’s Grievance Procedures.  Accordingly, please note that USF only changes grades when the review process determines that an incorrect grade has been assigned: The term “incorrect” means the assigned grade was based on something other than performance in the course, or that the assignment of the grade was not consistent with the criteria for awarding of grades as described in the course syllabus or other materials distributed to the student. In the case of all other academic grievances, the University reserves the right to determine the final outcome. In other words, you may disagree with an instructor’s grade on an assignment, yet this disagreement does not constitute sufficient evidence to warrant a change of grade. However, if an instructor made a mathematical error or based your grade on something other than his/her assessment of your performance in a course, then a grade change could be warranted.

A student interested in disputing a grade should first meet with his/her instructor. Should a student wish to proceed with a grade grievance after the teacher meeting, he/she should contact Dr. Erin Trauth, Associate Director of First-Year Composition, for a grade grievance conference. Students may then file a notification letter within three weeks of the triggering incident to Dr. Trauth, Department of English, CPR 306, 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620. Be sure to specify precisely why you believe the grade needs to be changed based on USF’s Academic Grievance Procedure.

Find more information on the official USF policy for academic grievances here.