Study Abroad: Malmö, Sweden

USF Education Abroad is hosting a study abroad trip to Malmö, Sweden from July 11-July 31, 2016. The purpose of this education abroad program is to expose students to Swedish culture through an immersive experience in Malmö and travel through Sweden and Denmark while learning expository or professional writing skills. The course objectives align with USF’s QEP, Global Citizen’s Project providing “intentional learning experiences that prepare students to lead meaningful and productive lives in a global society”. The program is open to any USF student, however the program is especially geared towards students with an interest in writing. Available courses include Expository Writing (ENC 3310) and Narrative Perspectives on Exceptionalities, Culture and Ethnicity (EEX 4249). Included below is a brochure with a tentative itinerary, bios of the program’s two instructors, and additional resources.

To apply for the trip, visit Education Abroad.

To learn more about the course objectives, see the syllabus.

Malmo BrochureF

Malmo BrochureB