We Have a New FYC Summer Team!

We Have a New FYC Summer Team!

By Bre’Anna Sanders, FYC Summer Intern

Summer is here and so are the new FYC team members. Focused and determined to innovate and improve, the new editions, along with some familiar faces, bring promise to the future of the USF FYC program. Read more about our amazing team below!

Graduate Student Coordinators

Katie Walkup, First Year Composition Coordinator 

“Teaching composition is a form of social justice.”

Katie is a first year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition on the FYC team. She received her undergraduate degree from Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO and her Master’s degree from USF in 2017. Family, weather, and USF’s academic excellence led her to pursue her Master’s degree here. Now, as the FYC Coordinator, her plans are to enhance first year composition to reflect expansive, and globalized knowledge. Katie believes that composition is a form of social justice because it allows people to use words and language to give them a voice.




Spencer Bennington, Mentor Coordinator

“The goal is to build a network of more experienced teachers.”

Spencer is a first year PhD Student from Virginia. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Averett University and his Master’s degree from Radford University, he desired to join a more expansive program. After applying to other programs, USF was his pick. As Mentor Coordinator for the FYC team, Spencer’s focus is to create a mentoring program that promotes direct and constant communication between mentors and mentees.




Elizabeth Ricketts, Community Comments Coordinator

Empowering students to help themselves.”

Elizabeth is a first year PhD student from New Jersey. She received her undergraduate degree from the College of New Jersey and her Master’s degree from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. With the option to attend different PhD programs around the country, she chose USF because of the warm and supportive environment they presented. She serves as the Community Comment Lead for MyReviewers on the FYC team. Her focus includes empowering students through providing rich, quality resources so that they can demystify the writing process without “going down the black hole of random Googling.”



Lynn Heiser, Technical Writer

“Words have power.”

Lynn is a second year Master’s student on the FYC team who received her undergraduate degree from Bryan College in Tennessee. She chose to further her education at the University of South Florida because of its high standards in academic achievement and research. As a Technical Writer for the team, her focus is enhancing MyReviewers’ usability, research, and grant writing. Lynn believes words have power; from this power, research and progressive work can be completed.




Brooke Downey, Technical Writer

“Technical writing, at its core, is simplifying complicated content.”

Brooke received her undergraduate degree in Humanities and English from USF. As a full-time Technical Writer for the MyReviewers team, she creates and updates manuals for software in MyReviewers as well as helps design the website. Her current focus is to create new manuals and documentations for the many new features incorporated in MyReviewers.  



Bre’Anna Sanders, Technical Writer (Intern)

“Technology is improving, and someone has to be able to explain it.”

Bre’Anna is a senior majoring in English. Before transferring to USF, she aspired to be a lawyer, but after joining the Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology concentration, she realized her passion for explaining and breaking down information can be used in the innovative and progress field of technology. From this internship, she hopes to gain experience in different software to improve her skills as a technical writer.




Anders Svenning, Creative Writer (Intern)

“Do something you enjoy rather than reaching plateaus.” 

Anders is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Although he chose to pursue other majors throughout his academic career, his passion for writing lead him back to the major. Anders believes English, in comparison with other majors and careers, is an experience that allows one to reach a realization through each experience whereas other careers plateau out. From this internship, he hopes to gain experience in a professional work environment and in working collaboratively with others.




Pallavi Gopee, Creative and Technical Writer (Intern)

Pallavi is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Her passion in interacting with people and in creative writing led her to join the FYC team. She believes that working with such an amazing team with great innovative ideas will not only embellish her skills but also prepare her for the future world of business where creativity and usability play a significant role. From this internship, Pallavi hopes to gain experience in different organizational skills that will enhance her overall personality.



IT Team

The MyReviewers IT Team is steadily working to improve MyReviewers and make it a commercialized entity. With an even distribution of work amongst the small team, they are able to surpass all expectations. While they take much pride in the quality and timely work they provide, their determination does not exempt them from having lives outside of the office. Many enjoy engaging in fun activities such as soccer and ultimate frisbee. Finding the balance between work and fun can be quite difficult, but this team has found it.

Rajeev Reddy, Application Developer

Trang Nguyen, Usability Expert

Steven Buck, Application Developer

Dat Le, Application Developer


Dr. Joseph Moxley, Director of Composition

“As literacy standards change, we [FYC Program] must adapt.” 

Dr. Moxley received his undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology from the University of Utah. After receiving his masters and PhD from SUNY Buffalo, he became a part of USF’s English Department in 1984 and has been Director of Composition for the last 10 years. As Director of Composition, Dr. Moxley’s goal is to ensure the FYC program is evolving with the multimodal literacy standards. For the graduate assistants and PhD students, he hopes that they will aid in pushing forward the multimodal literacy goals and help the program include a more globalized curriculum.


Dr. Erin Trauth, Associate Director of Composition

“Strong writing skills can help our students rise to the top.”

Dr. Trauth received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. After receiving her Master’s degree from the University of South Florida and earning her PhD from Texas Tech University, she returned to USF to become a part of a program she was very familiar with. Her tasks as Associate Director of Composition include coordinating on the FYC the curriculum and orientations for new teachers, organizing and guiding graduate assistants, and assisting teachers with student issues when they arise.