Here at the University of South Florida, we have embraced the WOVEN concept first pioneered by Rebecca Burnett and others at Georgia Tech. WOVEN understands that communication is multimodal, that it is more than words on a piece of paper. WOVEN doesn’t resist today’s communication paradigm. Instead, it celebrates it by incorporating different modes of communication into our ENC 1101 and 1102 curriculums.

The word WOVEN is an acronym: Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Nonverbal. It is designed to help you understand and identify the different modes of communication you will be using during the semester.

Written. How well you can structure an essay, incorporate evidence, and cite your sources.

Oral. Your ability to convey ideas to an audience as a speaker either during an individual presentation or as part of a group project.

Visual. Having a minimum competence at building visually stimulating and informative displays that further the narrative you are trying to create.

Electronic. Understanding how to create and publish information using digital media.

Nonverbal. Being aware that not all communication is explicit and that it can come through such subtle means as posture, eye contact, inflection, and manner of dress.

Each week during the semester, you will be asked to reflect on which aspect of the WOVEN model you will be using. Be aware that you will not be learning these concepts in order or one at a time. In fact, many modules will incorporate different aspects of WOVEN. The key is understanding which ones you need and how best to express them. I hope you become as excited about the WOVEN concept as we are in the FYC program. Where else at USF can you have the opportunity write a paper, create a blog, film a video, and give a presentation all in one course?

You can read more about the WOVEN program as it was originally instituted at Georgia Tech here.