A Whirlwind of Culture and Adventure

The first few days in Costa Rica have been anything but dull. Besides adjusting to the weather, customs, traffic, etc., the schedule has been demanding. The group has already begun to work in a private school, learning about the Costa Rican education system. It is amazing how warm and friendly the students and teachers are here. Additionally, when not working, we have been touring the National Museum, hitting the flea markets (bargaining for souvenirs), visiting government buildings, tasting all the cuisine, and even learning the Salsa. Some group members have been challenged by what appears to be a 24-hour stomach flu but have bounced back. I’ve had to help them get back to their house stay homes to rest and help the group leaders manage the unexpected challenge. This experience has provided a new layer of understanding about supervising student teachers and the new issues that can arise when traveling to other countries to teach. I feel I have already grown in just a short time.

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