Almost One Week in Madrid

For only being here six days, I feel as though it has been two weeks! I really like all of the people on the program and all of the people I have met. We could not find the pride parade, however we did go to Teatro Kapital on Saturday, and that was CRAZY. If you don’t believe me, look it up. It has it’s own google maps for each of the seven floors. Even though I was exhausted from not sleeping and staying out until 6 am to take the metro home from discoteca Joy the night before, it was so much fun. There was a point during one of the songs where they sprayed us with cold fog and my friend and I looked at each other in complete bliss. I think I will always remember this moment because we were so miserably tired, yet energized and smiling so big at the time.



On Sunday a few of us ventured out to Casa de Campo and got a little lost trying to find the park. We eventually found el lago (the lake) and a park that consisted of a ropes course. On this day, we walked 20 miles!! We ended up walking to the Royal Palace even though it was closed we still got to see it. We plan on going back later to go inside. We ventured out to Moncloa that night to get tapas and drinks. The tapas were so good; such a relief from some of the monotonous dining hall food here. I took a picture of the sunset and that moment really sunk in for me that I had really made it to Europe. I realized how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come.

Yesterday (Monday) was our first real day of classes. ┬áBoth classes were 3 hours long. I’m taking conversation and spanish civilization. I find both of my professors to be really nice, and extremely knowledgeable. After class, a group of girls and I visited Catedral de la Almudeno. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I was able to center myself and take everything in.

Madrid so far is awesome. I still have so many plans and sights that I want to see. I am traveling to Ibiza and Valencia this upcoming weekend, which I am really excited for.


I would also like to say that I LOVE the metro. I wish that we had one in Tampa, it is so convenient and easy to use. I’ve been on it probably 14 or 15 times already.

I’m off to go see the famous Retiro Park!!

Hasta Luego!

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