Back To Tampa…

Well, it’s been about 10 weeks and I have been working hard in work and focusing on school. I keep remembering the small instances of opening the door of my dormitory or going down Kings Cross on my way to class. I have realized the diverse atmosphere that London was and wasn’t scared the least of it. It shows me how strong people can be when working together. The City had all prime examples of the United Nations Shared Sustainable and Developmental goals. Everywhere you could go, there was clean water and sanitation. The whole city had a clean vibe to it and not to mention all the CCTVs that serve as a great sign of technology and safety in the city. Beyond that, the city has hope. It’s a tell-tale symbol that is all the world needs. London serves as a lovely example of the potential that the world could reach. It is heavily populated yes, but people work together to keep pushing through and truly show the world what we can be.

About Mohamed Kharseity

I am a student at the University Of South Florida. My Major is Biomedical Sciences. My hobbies are sports, and the occasional zombies in Call of Duty.

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