I spent my last weekend in Barcelona. We had a 4 day weekend, so we were able to really explore the city. It was shocking to see things written in Catalan. Everywhere we went there were Catalonian flags, and people demanding their independence. I was unaware of how much of a pressing issue it was to the locals, until I witnessed it first hand. Besides my run in with the Catalan culture, I visited several different monuments. The first of which was La Sagrada Familia, a giant cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is still under construction, and it is expected to finish by 2026. I visited Park Güell, which was also designed by Gaudí. It is a beautiful mosaic park overlooking Barcelona. I first knew of its existence, when I was around 10 years old watching The Cheetah Girls Movie. It seems almost surreal that I am visiting places I never thought I’d have the privilege to see. I learned to navigate the Barcelona metro system with a group of friends. We ended up visiting a place called Tibidabo. It is a huge church on a very high mountain, surrounded by an amusement park. We stayed their for hours atop the church, just taking in the view. It was definitely worth the hile. We all agreed that we never wanted to leave, but we had to head back eventually. The rest of the weekend was full of sight seeing and eating authentic meals. It was a really eye opening experience.

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