Bulls Meet World: Marco

I met Marco in Florence when he came to pick me up in his taxi. He was a little quiet at first, but started to ask questions about where I was from and what I was doing here in Florence. I explained I was studying abroad and came from Tampa, Florida. He then asked if Tampa was close to Disneyworld. I told him it wasn’t too far, and he started talking about his plans to take his kids there one day because they like Disneyland in Paris a lot. Now, how we got from talking about Disneyland to discussing politics, religion, and ethics is beyond me, but that’s where we ended up. One of the most interesting topics we covered was religious intolerance. Marco had very strong views on this, and said the world would be so much more peaceful if people researched the religions that they were prejudiced against. He and I agreed that most of the world’s problems occur because of simple ignorance and that if people like him and I kept discussions like this alive, society would be so much more content. We even complained about tourists together (ignoring the fact that I was also kind of a tourist), and how they could never experience Florence at it’s fullest in the short time they’re there. It’s safe to say I did not expect to be having such an intellectual conversation with a complete stranger, but I was pleasantly surprised. And in case you were wondering why he’s laughing at in the picture, it’s because right before I took his photo I said “one, two, three, FORMAGGIO!” (formaggio=cheese) and he apparently found that very amusing.

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