Climate Changing Heatwave

Hello for my last post! Guys, during my two weeks in Ireland I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “You brought that Florida weather with you to Ireland!” The weather in Ireland was unusually bright, sunny, and extremely hot. While it made for a really amazing trip, it also brought to mind that climate change is real, and it can affect everywhere. This relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number thirteen, Climate Action. While the warm weather was seen as a blessing in the cities of Dublin, Galway, and Killarney because it enabled people to be out and about more and enjoy the parks, the negative impacts of the weather were visible elsewhere.

One of the excursions that my group went on was a tour of the Gap of Dunloe. The tour consists of a seven-mile jaunt on a mountain path (though we were lucky enough to enjoy most of that trek on a horse and buggy – there were a few parts that we needed to walk) and two boat rides through three different lakes. Instead of getting picked up by the boat at the normal spot, my group had to walk down to an extremely low water area. There were also points during the boat rides where we could see how drastic the water levels in the lakes had dropped. Our tour guide said that was a result of the unusually hot summer with very little rain, which was enormously unlike the typical weather in Ireland.

Besides the various signs of how climate change has affected the environment, I did notice ways that Ireland try to combat climate change. Most buildings do not use air conditioning, there are recycling can everywhere there is a trash can, and I mentioned in another post that Ireland also uses sustainable energy to attempt to reduce its carbon footprint. It is important to do all we can to take a stance to address climate change.

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