Goodbye Paris & Cannes, France

Saying goodbye to France was a bitter sweet moment. I enjoyed every moment of this adventure. It was enlighten and full of different activities every day. It was by far the most incredible thing I have ever done in my life.

This trip has allowed me to learn more about myself more then I would have ever imagined. It opens my mind more on what I am getting myself in terms of my choice of major. The past three weeks, I have learned to be more positive, to enjoy life more, to appreciate things more. Being in France thought me about less is more. Visiting these agencies made me realized that this business is not easy, but if one really want to be successful in this business, one have to be dedicated and be persistent. I want to thank the Genshaf/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship for giving the opportunity to visit the country of my dreams and be able to enjoy the trip without worrying solely about money.

About Mezanise Louis

Hello, there! I am Mezanise Louis, and I am a Mass Communication Major at the University of South Florida. This blog will be about my experience while studying overseas. Through this blog, I hope to inspire students who would love to experience studying abroad one day.

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