Halfway Through London

Wow, it’s really been a great ride so far. I can still remember my first day in London, being on the boat like it was yesterday. Things have calmed down a bit since the first week. I’ve found out how to work the Underground, I’ve found a couple of market to eat at, I’ve found a couple of museums to visit, things are looking good to say the least.

Class here is amazing! The professors are so intuitive and open-minded. The UCL Students are so kind and helpful, this place almost doesn’t feel like a school.

So im just about done with my third week of Studying Abroad in London. And I’m not quite ready to be at this stage. I still remember my first day in London, getting a cab, seeing those big red busses and the busy Londoners. I quite remember those stunning scenes as if they were yesterday. I’ve learned something about living here, and it’s to never stop changing. This melting pot of a city showed me that even when you think you’ve seen it all, done it all, or spoke to them all, you’ll never have seen enough.

About Mohamed Kharseity

I am a student at the University Of South Florida. My Major is Biomedical Sciences. My hobbies are sports, and the occasional zombies in Call of Duty.

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