Life at Sea! The journey of a lifetime is off and running, eh sailing!

Well it’s been a week at sea! I joined the beautiful M/V Explorer for my Semester at Sea in Sunny (not really) Southampton England! After an anxious afternoon, eager to cast off the bow lines, we sailed into the murky horizon, with a long orientation, new friendships and lots of memories abound.  After a long afternoon full of policy information, we began classes early the following morning. I sat excited and eager in my International Marketing class, watching the Brazilian Professor stumble from the gentle sway of the ship, cutting through the English Channel. Then on to my Economic Development and Entrepreneurship course, where a young, energetic Californian doctor talked to us about the importance of becoming socially engaged and to begin working toward designing a business plan for a social change venture. After a relaxing lunch with some friends, I attempted my first workout at sea, which lead to a lot of laughing and falling over myself. That afternoon I was off once again back to class, where my Interpersonal Communication professor prepared us for a semester we will never forget! Dinner, evening programming and relaxing with friends quickly followed. The rest of the week, as we sailed to Lisbon Portugal, was spent settling into classes, forging new relationships and gaining an understanding of just how our world view will be expanded. One afternoon out of no where, cliffs come into sight as we made an early arrival into Lisbon, or Lisboa as they call it! Two days later, they let all of us ashore, as 460 something college students descended on Lisbon. After a beautiful afternoon exploring the city with some locals and new friends, all I know is this will be a summer I will never forget! Till next time, I’ll be loving and living Life!

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