One week almost gone


Day 5 in Paris, France complete and I have been loving every second of my experiences here. Of course I still have some work to do learning the language, my vocabulary is pretty limited however most people I encounter have been friendly and helpful when I need some more explanation in English…maybe that is only because I’m usually buying something from them like at a bakery or shoe store, butI’d like to think they’re nice people who don’t mind the little blonde American.

My days have been packed full with exploring, getting lost in the city and the metro, taking dance class and starting our first choreographic workshop, and site seeing, and trying amazing, fresh, succulent, pesticide and preservative free food. I cannot even describe enough how much better the food taste in France versus the United States. The fruit here is a normal, nature size because it isn’t chemically modified to look prettier and larger so that Americans will buy it; they are sold fresh on every street corner and taste better than anything you’ve ever had anywhere else. Going back home to eat in the States will be so sad, I’m already upset thinking about it.

More adventures await tomorrow and sleep has ben minimal the past few days so rest assure, there is more news to come, but until then my little twin bed calls me! Bonsoir and Goodnight!

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