One World

As I’ve been reflecting on my Summer voyage with Semester at sea, one way to possibly recap what I experienced is the statement ” We are One World.” The problems that we face at home, are similar to those faced in developed, developing and highly developed countries. If not now, they were faced at another time and overcame, and so we have much to learn, especially from countries such as those in Scandanavia. For example, in Stockholm I joined a large group of my friends to walk in the Stockholm Pride parade, one of the largest of its kind in the world, what an eye opening experience. People from all over, proud to be who they are, next too people from other nations excited to have the chance to say who they are free of persecution. As families both homosexual and heterosexual joined in with babies and grandparents, an entire city came together to celebrate one of it’s populations. Learning more about their rights in Sweden as compared to other nations was fascinating! It’s hard to really out into words what I’ve experienced on this adventure, but that’s a small part of one of the many

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