Excursion to the cathedral of Chartres in France

Excursion to the cathedral of Chartres in France

June 13, 2014 by Adriana Matallana

This week I experienced the most amazing pilgrimage to the cathedral of Chartres. Located in the heart of Chartres, France.
This spectacular cathedral is the best preserved church in Europe and a masterpiece of medieval architecture.

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One of the reasons why it became a major pilgrimage center is because the relic of the cloth that the Virgin Mary supposedly wore when she gave birth to Jesus.
Most of the stain glass of the cathedral dates from the 13th century, surviving two World Wars by heroic authorities who dismantled over 200 square meters and stored the windows panels afterwards.
The labyrinth is another interesting site inside the cathedral. It is carved into the floor located in the rear of the nave. It was designed as a substitute pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Some people choose to do this labyrinth pilgrimage on their knees.

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The beautiful town that surrounds this cathedral has a medieval style that captivates the visitors as well as the town’s residents. Another interesting place was the house of a French man named Raymond Isidore, which house was built right in front of the town’s cemetery.
What makes his house really special is that is all decorated as a mosaic with pieces of plates, bottles and many other materials that usually thrown away.

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I couldn’t leave this town without climbing hundreds of tiny steps to reach the top of the cathedral’s tower. Once up there, I contemplated the most stunning view of the cathedral itself looking down and the whole town.

Finally, I decided to walk through the labyrinth that substitutes a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Jerusalem. It took me about thirty minutes from beginning to end. I felt something very special while walking and praying.
I hope to be able to come back to this beautiful town and bring many others with me.

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