Watching the world grow, or is it me?

Watching the world grow
What a couple days it has been! From sailing on to the Basque region of Spain, having left beautiful Lisbon Portugal, to having a spectacular arrival in Greenock Scotland this has been an adventure to remember! A couple experiences stand out the most when I’ve been reflecting on my experience. In Lisbon I had the incredible opportunity to complete a service visit at Casa De Giato in the mountains of Portugal just outside of Lisbon in a small village called Sintra! After completing some projects which included painting the outside walls of this orphanage, and some light gardening, some of the boys that lived there came by to play futbol (soccer) with us. We had no way of communicating with them due to the language barrier, but the way we all bonded over the game, and how we all could tell what the other was thinking with a kick of the ball and a smile on everyone’s face was incredible! It truly showed how a common passion like soccer can allow you to communicate on a level never experienced before. That day gave me a new appreciation for the game and sport in general! Moving on through the basque region of Spain, I had such an insightful visit to the headquarters of a large cooperative that continues to be a major economic player in the basque region. As my economic development class learned about there unique business model, I was forced to change the way I looked at business, societal structure, and corporate responsibility. It gave me a new hope in the future of struggling economies. Once in Scotland, I had the most amazing cultural experience at the Luss Highland games, watching caber tossing, kilted dashes and a unique blend of old and new traditions! What an adventure it’s been!

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