Week 6: Fine

Sadly, this week brought an end to my time here in Florence, and Italy as a whole, and brought forth the intense studying required for my Organic Chemistry final. Due to this being finals week, I chose to not do much until I finished my last final, so I studied vigorously everyday leading up to it. I would advise those who choose to take this class, or any other difficult science abroad, to study much before even leaving the country and to continue studying upon arrival due to the large amount of information being taught. I say this because many of my classmates and I struggled at first to find a good balance between exploring all that Italy has to offer, while studying on a consistent basis. Once I completed my last final, I decided to explore one of the last attractions in Florence I had yet to see: the statue of David. I would also advise future students to buy tickets to skip this line, because when I arrived at my designated time, I saw an extensive line wrapping around the outside of the Galleria dell’Accademia. Being able to see the statue of David in real-life was an eye-opener, because seeing it in picture is not nearly as amazing, nor complements the detail and overall grandiosity of this work of art. Once you see and admire this statue in person, it becomes quite clear why this is one of the most famous statues in the world.

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