Weltmeisters and Muenchen!

So just about as soon as I had gotten off the train from Salzburg, I was already ready to go see another of Vienna’s wonders!! But where to next?! Krems, Halstatt, Innsbruck?! ┬áBut then I thought… “Wait! Germany is so close! How could I come ALL this way to Europe and not visit Deutschland!?” So it was set! I would visit the closest German city…. TO MUNICH!!


Me fresh off of the train in Munich!! This is Karlsplatz! Look at that castle archway thing!! So incredibly European!

A note about the trains… Since being here in Austria, I am often asked “What are your thoughts about it so far?” and with out a doubt if there were one thing that I would want to diplomatically bring back to the United States to say “______ is a legitimate thing we really need to implement in our society” it would be the public transportation. I mean look at me. In this picture I, a kid, got on a train that took me from Vienna to Munich 435 km (~270 miles) away in under 4 hours and I had this amazing experience walking through the city, then later that night, I boarded another train that brought me right back. I know New York and most of the big cities have their metros and whatnot but I really believe states like Florida NEED infrastructure like this. We need a heavier train system. I should be able to, by some set of trains, go from Palm Bay to Tampa, at 21 my parents should not have to drive me across the state, and it should not be a necessity that I own a car. Also, we need trams, and nicer more reliable buses, and we need discounts for students and the elderly… and… and… if there were something I would “pickett” about it would be this!

Ok so, now off of my soap box… As everyone now should know, the Weltmeisterschaft (World Cup) is over, and the boys from Deutschland were the winners! It was a great tournament! I quite enjoyed it (though it did tend to take up some time in the evenings which I should have devoted to studying, thesis-ing, or blog posts….) I have played soccer (Fussbol) since I was four so I also love the World Cup because it allows me to talk freely about soccer in social media without too many people getting all mad! But I went to Munich one week before they had won the title so the air was tingling with excitement! Several stores were playing replays from their game against France the night before! The whole country was ready for this tournament! For example:


A common site in Munich during the Weltmeisterschaft! Many posters of their favorite sons! Many of the players on the German national team play professionally for Bayern Munich, the Fussbol Club of Bavaria (Bayern).

This was quite something to see! Coming from the United States where hardly any attention is paid to soccer. Though I will say that this World Cup, our team brought the nation together, I think a lot of people really started to realize how important this sport is!

I spent most of my day at the Deutsches Meuseum! It was a fabulous place filled with magic and wonder!! In all honesty I think they really needed a bigger building! It was packed to the brim of fascination!


I recognized this guy from 50 meters away and nearly started crying! Growing up my family has been on countless summer vacations to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and each time we undoubtedly visit the Wright Brother’s museum in Kitty Hawk!! This really shocked me and made me feel strangely at home!


The walls and ceilings were STUFFED with STUFF!! This was just the Museum for me!!


Planes here are plane-like…. I don’t know much about planes… Except that my grandfather was in the Navy and flew planes… and my uncle is a pilot… And that these are planes.

After the museum, I did what I normally do when I go to a city, walk around as quickly as possible and try to see as many things as I can! I actually like traveling alone somewhat (though most of me wishes I had a partner, my boyfriend, sister or best-friends because I do get lonely) because I can move really quickly and I stay really flexible!

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