Research Exchanges

Research Training Exchanges in Ecoimmunology

The challenge in ecoimmunology today is to expand its technical and conceptual scope while overcoming two major limitations: a lack of techniques amenable to free-living animals and a lack of standardization among current techniques.  To combat these issues, the RCNE will provide opportunities for research training exchanges.  These exchanges are intended to help colleagues learn and perfect the core techniques of ecoimmunology as the key impediment to using new techniques is often a lack of familiarity.  In addition, exchanges will help implement the standardization of techniques.  Funds can also be used to allow established researchers to test the viability of techniques developed in one taxon for use on other taxa.

Submitting a proposal

Trainees should identify a host who is an established expert in the technique you wish to learn to coordinate possible dates for the project.  Trainee applicants can be faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students or undergraduate students and must be a US citizen or permanent resident (as required by Federal funding).  International travel is permitted.  Any qualified individual is welcome to submit a proposal; trainees or hosts are not required to be official RCNE members, however, priority will be given to member applications.

Awards typically range from $500-$2000 USD, but do take into account the distance traveled and length of stay.

Covered expenses include airfare, auto mileage/rental/gas, lodging and per diem.  Research supplies will be the responsibility of the trainee/host.

We encourage applicants to carefully consider the length of training requested to be certain that their needs are met (i.e., if you need a week to master a technique, request a week).

Please download the application, fill in completely and return as an email attachment (.doc, .docx or .pdf format) to the email address listed on the application.  You will receive confirmation that your application has been received.

Exchange Visit Reports

On acceptance of funding for an exchange visit, you agree to write a post-visit summary of the activities accomplished and future directions and forward it to the steering committee within 90 days of return (no more than 2000 words).

The report should include “broader impacts” and a description of the research project.  A form for the report can be found here.

Any publications resulting from the exchange visit should acknowledge the National Science Foundation and this Research Collaboration Network Grant.


Once funding is approved, please contact us at as you must fill out paperwork (online forms) at at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed travel date (paperwork typically takes about 2 weeks for approval).  Travel arrangements can not be made until your paperwork is approved.  After approval, we will assist you with arranging your travel.

Within one week of completing travel, please send a .pdf of all non-food receipts along with a brief list of accomplishments to us at  Meals will be reimbursed at standard per diem rates as per the University of South Florida.  Domestic per diem rates are typically $36 USD.  Purchases made using foreign currency will be converted using the historical value, from the date the purchase was made.  Reimbursement will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after receipts were received.  If you have any questions, please contact us.