Annual RCNE Meetings

2014: A broad synthesis: tradeoffs and constraints in ecological immunology

8 May through 20 May 2014

Hosted by Dan Ardia at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, USA

MBL, Woods Hole, MA, USA; Image courtesy of
MBL, Woods Hole, MA, USA; Image courtesy of

Download our meeting program with presentation abstracts here.

2013: Among species variation: causes and consequences

Co-hosted by Jens Rolff, Joachim Kurtz and others from the Host-Parasite Co-evolution group funded by the DFG at Blossin, outside of Berlin, Germany

The 2013 program included talks and posters on the latest ecoimmune and host-parasite co-evolution work done by both members of the RCNE and the DFG priority programme 1399.  A PDF copy of the program and abstracts from the meeting can be found here.

 2012: Merging ecoimmunology and disease ecology

Hosted by Dana Hawley in Ann Arbor, MI, USA in conjunction with the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) conference

The 2012 program included talks, posters and discussions aimed at making connections between the two nascent field of ecoimmunology and disease ecology.

Find a list of presenters and presentations (if available) here.

 2011: The costs of immunity

Hosted by the Center for Immunity, Infection and Evolution (CIIE) at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Read our meeting highlights here.


 2010: Standardizing methods and theory in ecoimmunology

Hosted by Lynn “Marty” Martin at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL, USA

Read our meeting highlights here.