The University of South Florida’s University Center of Exemplary Mentoring is a unified, comprehensive, institutionally-integrated center devoted to mentoring minority STEM doctoral students. The UCEM grant facilitates professional development and leadership initiatives that prepares minority doctoral students for successful transitions into academic, industry, government and non-traditional STEM careers after graduation.

In addition to providing enhanced stipend support for minority doctoral students in engineering and oceanography, USF supports enrichment activities, including an internal campaign to raise new funds for student support services, and a series of professional development seminars.

Established in 2014, the UCEM is expanding upon the student successes and project outcomes of the Alfred P. Sloan Minority PhD program (MPHD) at USF. Since 2005, 111 STEM doctoral students have been supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Minority PhD Program (MPHD) and the current UCEM at USF. Students have won national awards (NSF GRFP, NASA, UNCF Merck, U.S. Department of Energy, NRC Postdoctoral Associateships, etc.) and graduates have gained employed in academia, national labs, industry, and government.